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Nutri-Grain Bar

Our Story

Nutri-Grain helps parents come prepared.

Nutri-Grain - The Morning Stare-Down

As the original breakfast bar, Nutri-Grain® has empowered parents to come prepared and conquer the morning for over 30 years.There is no method to morning madness, so savvy parents come prepared. Nutri-Grain® is perfectly balanced. Made with Whole Grains for a satisfying soft-baked outside and made with tasty fruit flavored filling inside – Nutri-Grain® delivers what parents want and what kids need. For those days when afternoon hangriness is taking over, Nutri-Grain Power-Fulls are the perfect solution. Made with 8g of whole grains and a good source of protein, the whole family will love these delicious Chocolate Chip or Strawberry oat bites!

Nutri-Grain® - Come Prepared.